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Cryptocurrencies have availed massive opportunities in the tech industry. A vast number of people have shown great interest in cryptocurrencies, including those who aim for quick riches and others who are just following a trend. While the majority are serious investors actively involved in trading, others are in it due to a Fear of Missing out (FOMO). It is therefore imperative that all interested parties get acquainted by familiarizing themselves with the risks involved.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently issued a statement on cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings. It warned, and presented, key considerations for crypto investors and enthusiasts, and advised these investors to ask themselves some key questions before investing in digital currencies, such as “what’s the location of the enterprise” and “who is the contractor?”

In order to address some of these questions, it is important to understand how cryptocurrencies work. This will be useful for gaining deep insight and knowledge about the currencies as well as discerning the ideal time to invest.

Information relating to cryptocurrencies can be gained from diverse sources, with the best places to learn about cryptos including cryptocurrency books such as The Internet of Money, Cryptoassets and Mastering Bitcoin. Taking courses related to cryptos such as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies and The Complete Cryptocurrency Course at Udemy, among others, are also quite useful and enriching.

Podcasts are equally resourceful, and there exist numerous podcasts in the crypto sphere. Some of the most amazing cryptocurrency podcasts include Unchained, Invest like the Best, The Bad Crypto Podcast, Coin Mastery, and Epicenter.

Websites and documentaries are also very informative. They detail how cryptocurrencies were developed, the pioneers in the industry and the challenges encountered by both pioneers and investors. Some of the best websites to learn about cryptos include Coindesk, cyber Fund, and CoinMarketCap.

The crypto sphere is steadily evolving, and major advancements have been witnessed in the tech industry. Keeping oneself abreast with the latest information on digital currencies is not only rewarding but can also alleviate stress. Other major resources that users, traders, and crypto enthusiasts should look out for can be found at, which details 21 credible sources that will transform any newbie into a crypto expert.


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